100 Interviews in 1 Hour

This is a story of a company who challenged the pandemic pain by design and technology. The reason why I sharing the story is that there are very few persons who has shown us ray of hope during this panic time. The story is inspiring and simple enough to be implemented in our life and businesses. The Story is about PiTalent, a division of PI. PI means Particle Intelligence, A midsize Tech Company.

PI deals in Business Technologies and Services. Their brands are PiTalent, EduPi, InternPi, PiLab, PC-Bot The Robotic Ultrabook, Thinker’s Eye and few more.

PI’s Talent division was busy in hiring processes as usual. The business demands quality talents over quantity to serve the clients better. So, HR Team had to be very careful in hiring experienced or fresh talents. They were dealing with routine challenges of limited HR staff, Travelling far for conducting interviews without knowing whether they would find better talents or not, work in time crunch, and most importantly delivering results in time frame. Apart from that, it became difficult to create ideal environment for candidates appearing for interview and manage their data.

Unaware with the slowly spreading threat of Corona Virus, they were busy in the routine challenges like other companies. Suddenly the alarm rang, lock down was announced across the nation. In few days, they were few in numbers to manage large operations. They had to conduct more than 500 interviews.

The design team from parent company PI, came into action. After one week, they were clueless and in doubt whether the design team would provide them feasible solution or not. On 9th day, the HR Team was asked to review the new Automated System of Interview which required NO HUMAN HR to conduct interviews. In next two days, the Robots were ready to conduct interviews. They planned 100 interviews on the first day.

The worry was obvious. What and How the candidates’ would respond, and how would be their experience of interview with robot, etc. The day was great success. The robot conducted 100 interviews in an Hour. There was no complaint. The HR Team received positive reviews from the candidates. Following it, they finished our initial screening in five days which they used to do in 30 working days.

Their analysis of the experience is as follows: They saved 80% of time, increased their capacities by 260% and reduced the cost by 87%. Further, the interviewer were happy by getting flexibility of time, better environment and a memorable experience. Further, they got recorded communication of interviewees which has helped them improve their Recruitment processes, transparency in selection process and HR policies.

I believe this is for the first time, the Team of Robots has conducted more than 100 interview in ONE HOUR.

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