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PiTalent is a System driven Freelancer Hiring Platform. Our Six Sigma based system ensures the quality experience to our client in all stages of project completion.

How we Hire Freelancers?

Each Freelancer is personally interviewed and verified by our team. We test candidates on 28 Parameters highest numbers in Industry standard to ensure quality performance and trust involvement in project. Limited numbers of selected freelancers are listed on CES Index. Candidate Evaluation Sheet (CES) will help you hiring the best suitable freelancer on measurable criteria for your valuable project.

How we help you complete your project?

Our Project Manager personally monitors the hired freelancers and their work and report it to you. To ensure error free monitoring, we use AI based Management & Monitoring and Analysis System through our Virtual Office Space: Every Three Second AI System check the progress.

How do we ensure your Payment Security?

Money Protection Guarantee(MPG) is a neutral holding place where you deposit your payments and we put money aside until the project, or piece of the project, is done. The funds stay there until the hired freelancer or agency fulfills their obligations and you say you are satisfied those obligations are met and then release the payment to the freelancers. Milestone based project completion system further ensures safety of your money.

Are we charging premium?

You shall be very happy to get quality results at very affordable rates. Our robotic HR systems allows us to hire at large scale and faster from all regions of India and other countries.

What are the other reasons to hire Freelancers from PiTalent?

  • Clients can track progress of your each Talent and get downloadable report of work progress on go.

  • Payment Security & Pay for Quality: Your payment is secure with us. You don’t pay directly to Freelancer. You pay to us & rest is handled by us. We ensure the satisfactory & timely completion of project.

  • You can monitor all freelancers from your own dedicated Virtual Office created for free by us for you. Monitor, Communicate, organise meeting, access report and manage all from a single place.

  • You save more on wages without compromising with quality & skills. The PiTalent lists the freelancers from across the Globe.

  • 24*7 Support: Our Robot Employees and dedicated Team Managers are always there to help you at any hour of day..

  • CES ratings are revised based on client review to ensure the improved experience at PiTalent.

  • We provide free consultation to help you design and develop your project.

  • No hidden charges. We focus on delivering quality service to all our clients.

PiTalent follows Japanese system, KAIZEN for continuous improvement in all areas of services. Kaizen means “continuous improvement.

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